Eat a Burger, Fight Hunger at Little Bitty Burger Barn

If I were asked to create my own burger to be featured on a menu, it would contain blue cheese and bacon -- and would preferably be served on a locally-baked bun; none of this soggy Sunbeam business.

So imagine my surprise when I heard that Little Bitty Burger Barn owner Ricardo Luna had not only named a burger after me, but that it actually contained all three of those ingredients. (To be fair, I'd also add some grilled onions and Tabasco, but that's neither here nor there at this point. I've got my own burger, y'all!)

My burger -- the Katharine Shilcutt Burger -- is one of three burgers named after local media personalities, all of which are competing against one another to earn a $500 donation to the Houston Food Bank in our name. The other two burgers in the running are named after Alison Cook, food critic for the Houston Chronicle, and Ruben Dominguez, reporter for Fox 26 News.

In addition to the $500 donation, $1 of each burger purchased -- whether it's mine, Cook's or Dominguez's -- goes to the Houston Food Bank from now through December 15. After that date, the burger purchases will be tallied up and the most popular burger's namesake will have that $500 donation made in their name.

And since that $500 donation will be made in the end regardless, I'm not too caught up in whose burger gets top honors; we all come out winners here. What I am caught up in is the fact that you can donate to a wonderful organization while simultaneously chowing down on some wicked burgers. And in my case, that even includes a bun with blue cheese baked right into it.

So what are you waiting for?

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