Eat Me Daily Names Robb Walsh's Sex, Death and Oysters One of 2009's Best Cookbooks

Our own Robb Walsh has never been shy. For readers who haven't noticed, he's always happy to point out why he likes oysters so much. As he wrote in the pages of the Houston Press a few years ago: "The wonderfully slick texture, delicate briny flavor and beachfront aroma make it easy to understand how oysters came to be associated with the tenderest portion of the female anatomy and thus considered an aphrodisiac." Thanks, Robb.

The man even wrote a book about the subject. Okay, Sex, Death and Oysters is also about his epic trek to find the world's best oysters, learn about the different species and regions of oysters, weigh the risks of oyster eating, visit famous oyster restaurants, and try oyster recipes. Mainly, it's a good read, and we aren't the only ones who think so. Eat Me Daily named Sex, Death and Oysters in its Best Cookbooks of 2009 Roundup Spectacular, with this to say:

Best Food Adventure: Sex, Death, and Oysters by Robb Walsh

Walsh, a Houston-based food writer, goes on an oyster adventure, eating the bivalves on two continents. The book would be too sodden with facts and figures if not for Walsh's light, journalistic style. Warning: this book will make you want to go out and consume massive quantities of oysters, as well as whatever alcohol is locally traditional to consume with them.

Way to go, Robb.

Also, congratulations to Jason Sheehan of Press sister paper Denver Westword, who won in the Biggest Genre-Buster category for his hardcore-sounding memoir, Cooking Dirty.

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Cathy Matusow
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