Bodacious Brownie Cake.
Bodacious Brownie Cake.
Photo by Joanna O'Leary

Eat This: Bodacious Brownie Cake at The Chocolate Bar

From the sweet folks that brought us enviable confections such as Uncle Darryl's Cake and Pumpkin Cheesecake comes another dessert likely to clog your arteries but absolutely guaranteed to make you go, "MMMMM": The Bodacious Brownie Cake.

Having debuted approximately three months ago at The Chocolate Bar, the Bodacious Brownie Cake may be technically "newish" to the baked goods scene in Houston; however, it only recently came to the attention of this blogger and chocoholic.

Comprising two layers of dark chocolate brownie cake welded together with a thick layer of chocolate mousse, the Bodacious Brownie Cake is topped with super-sweet (not in the pejorative) chocolate frosting.  Those delightfully different cocoa-flavored strata rest atop a base crust made from Oreo cookies that provides a welcome constructing crunch to supple cake and soft frostings.

What's missing from The Bodacious Brownie Cake?  Well, a THIRD layer if I'm forced to nit-pick.  And maybe a garnish in the form of some of The Chocolate Bar's housemade ice cream. Nothing big: just one scoop of Brownie Supreme, one scoop of Let's Go Oreo...oh, and one scoop of Nutter Butter. That should do it.

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