Here, Eat This

Eat This: Buffalo Crawfish Salad at Ragin Cajun

 You should eat the Buffalo Crawfish Salad at Ragin Cajun because it contains REAL BUFFALO!

No, of course not. That would be pretty weird and certainly a departure from Ragin Cajun's culinary theme.

What's so wonderful about this salad? First, it is an extremely efficient way to enjoy crawfish. If you like the taste of this crustacean but loathe spending hours peeling off those pesky shells only to feel partially satiated after your marathon mudbug repast, then look to this mound of fresh meat heaped onto the lettuce.

Second, the Buffalo Crawfish Salad is an unusual albeit delicious composite of saccharine, savory, spicy, and brine. The "salad" is made up of crisp, juicy romaine lettuce, which provides a refreshing levity to balance the heavier, hotter buffalo sauce coating the sweet flesh. Further tempering the heat of the sauce is the dressing, you choice of "cool bleu cheese" or ranch. Go for the former for some pleasantly pungent dairy or the latter for milder, more botanical flavors.

Finally, by ordering something with the word "salad" in its title, you are absolutely most definitely having something more healthful than any of the fried fare at Ragin Cajun. Absolutely, most definitely.

[Who cares? I love their Creole stuffed jalapeno poppers, but this dish beats them any day of the week.]
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Joanna O'Leary