A wonderful melding of flavors
A wonderful melding of flavors
Photo by C.J. Pappas

Eat This: Chocoflan

You know that agonizing decision that gnaws away at you when you're faced with a dessert menu containing both flan and chocolate cake? Agonize no more and get on board with chocoflan, also known as pastel imposible, or “impossible cake.”

When making chocoflan, chocolate cake batter is poured into a cake mold (typically lined with dulce de leche), followed by flan batter — but owing to the varying densities of chocolate cake batter and flan batter, after the cake is baked, the flan rises to the top. The silky, caramel-topped crowning layer of flan on top of a luscious layer of cake makes for one of the best desserts you could imagine.

You can find chocoflan at any number of Mexican bakeries or Tex-Mex spots around Houston (Arandas Bakery, El Bolillo and Maria Selma to name a few), but the impossible cake rendition at Añejo ($12), bedecked with glazed pecans and garnished with mint and strawberry, looks especially promising. 

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