Eat This: Fall Harvest Salad at Local Foods

When visiting Local Foods, it can be hard to steer yourself away from its classics, like the Crunchy Chicken Sandwich and the Truffled Egg Salad. These installations have been on the menu since Local Foods first opened its doors and remain because they are consistently good.

However, let us not forget that Local Foods, in staying true to its namesake concept, also offers blink-and-you'll-miss-them specials with seasonal ingredients sourced from area purveyors.  Currently, one of these is the Fall Harvest Salad, a colorful collaboration of various botanicals and some dashes of proteins.

The exact nature of the components various a bit depending on which day you go (see the "market veggies' in the description), but there's always sprouts, tomatoes, baby greens, beets, and roasted squash.  One day I enjoyed the salad the "seasonal fruit" came in the form of tart grapefruit slices, which added a lovely citrus flavor that worked well alongside the sweeter pumpkin and beets.  Omnipresent also are a sprinkling of sliced almonds and two generous moguls of  tangy, salty, and very creamy goat cheese,.  

The Fall Harvest Salad comes with a perfectly acceptable herb vinaigrette, but I suggest skipping the dressing in favor of letting the natural flavors shine through; plus, if you toss the salad yourself in a separate and/or takeout container, the goat cheese will dissipate and coat the rest of the greens, ensuring there's some rich dairy fat with every bit.

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