Trust us when we say you'll want to order this mac'.
Trust us when we say you'll want to order this mac'.
Photo by Brooke Viggiano

Eat This Fall Must-Have at Beaver's

Since opening in 2007, Beaver's kitchen has been pumping out some of most outrageous and exciting comfort food in the city. So we can only hope that, by this point, everyone has had the chance to get their mac' on with the quirky ice house's seriously decadent mac n' cheese.

They are currently offering it in six different varieties -- but we have our eyes (or mouths, really) on one that couldn't be more perfect for fall.

And that, friends, is the Pumpkin Mac.

Before you start calling us "basic" for loving on anything with the word pumpkin in it, know that this is no ordinary macaroni and cheese.

For $11, get an ample-sized cast iron skillet positively heaping with bubbling, gooey, and ultra-cheesy goodness. Each spiral of pasta is coated a rich and smooth cheese sauce made with three cheeses (making it extra sharp and buttery) and roasted pumpkin puree (making it extra velvety).

Hunks of sweet potato bring a slight hint of sweetness and bite, while crumbles of spicy sausage bring some heat to the game. You'll find plenty of both peaking throughout the cheesed-up cavatappi, along with buttery breadcrumbs blanketing the top.

This is one fall dish you can't miss.

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