Here, Eat This

Eat This: The "Maineiac" at Maine-ly Sandwiches

Maine-ly Sandwiches is generally known throughout Houston as a purveyor of quality lobster rolls, though a handful of naysayers on certain online review sites regularly gripe about the "high" prices. If you are one of those people, you may want to stop reading now. Because if spending about $22 on a full-size regular roll, the idea of shelling out (pun intended) nearly triple that amount on the Maineiac may cause you to have a mayocardial infarction, as they say in the health-care biz. 

Described on  Maine-ly Sandwiches' menu as "fresh steamed lobster served with mayo on a butter toasted roll," specifically a "tail and two claws (heated up) added with perfectly salted drawn butter on the side," the Maineiac is for those with a lot of spare change and a monster craving for lobster, butter and mayonnaise.  I happened to fall into that category a few days ago after receiving my Bank of America cash back rewards fortuitously right after viewing a travel channel episode on food in Maine.

The Maineiac did not disappoint with regards to girth or flavor.  Large chunks of perfectly steamed tail and claw meat lightly dressed with mayonnaise and a hint of lemon were brimming from the toasted, buttered footlong roll.  As you can see from the photographs of the cross section, there was no paucity of lobster flesh in this roll, and though such a dense interior of sweet crustacean protein makes for a decadent sandwich, Maine-ly Sandwiches tempts you to go one step further by packaging the sandwich with two small cups of melted butter. Don't think: Just pour 'em on there. 

If you're interested in indulging in the Maineiac, plan ahead because this sandwich is available only Friday and Saturday or upon special request. And don't forget to bring your Maine-ly Sandwiches rewards card because the Maineiac will garner you SEVEN stamps. 
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Joanna O'Leary