Eat Your Heart Out: Top Eight Buffets in Houston for the Valentine-less

Sometimes Valentine's Day is magical and filled with love, laughter and deep, romantic, meaningful moments with your special someone. And sometimes you're alone, and all you want to do is drown your sorrows in as much food (and wine) as humanly possible. Often, this is accomplished by buying a whole pie, a gallon of ice cream, a large bag of tortilla chips and two jars of salsa, then taking all of these items to bed with a napkin and a horror movie on Netflix.

Or maybe that's just my solution.

But this year, get out amongst the other sad sacks and commiserate over a lengthy Chinese buffet. Or Indian, if that's what you're in the mood for. Or even some good ol' southern cooking, sure to warm an icy disposition.

Whatever your lonely heart desires, you'll find it at one of these (surprisingly good) buffets.

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Kaitlin Steinberg