How could we resist?
How could we resist?

Eating Our Words Burger Bracket: Announcing the Judges

Picking teams to judge the Eating Our Words Burger Bracket truly wasn't easy. For each group we ended up going with, there were several more that would have been great. We hope all of you come out to sample the final four burgers April 4 at Lucky's Pub.

Announcing our four teams of judges:

Better Off Dead: Everybody wants some, indeed.
Better Off Dead: Everybody wants some, indeed.

1. Carnivorous Habits: These guys are all super-qualified, but more importantly, they submitted a childhood photo of a team member inside a burger (top). Awww....

2. Burger Wolf Pack: These St. Arnold's employees are fans of Better Off Dead and have nicknames like "Hey" and "The Birdogg" - need we say more?

3. Team Pola Artisan Cheese: These dudes dedicate their lives to making cheese, and we salute them for it. (For the record, this pick is not the result of a cheese bribe.)

4. The Thomas Family: Okay, how cute is it to imagine Mom, Dad and two kids trooping around tasting burgers over Spring Break? Y'all are killing us, Thomas Family. KILLING US.

Check back at Eating Our Words on Monday to see the entire bracket. May the best burger win!

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