Eating Our Words Burger Bracket: The Elite 8

The judges have spoken and some upsets have ensured that the Elite 8 in our 2011 Eating Our Words Burger Bracket will create cause for some serious burger discussion.

Team Thomas Family judged the Fast Food-Style bracket and sent in a video of their adventures, wherein they spent their entire Spring Break judging burgers for our benefit. Meanwhile, the Carnivorous Habits team sent in a highly detailed breakdown of why each burger did or did not advance to the Elite 8. A sample is below:

Lucky's Pub: We were not expecting much from Lucky's, and we thought we were being sneaky by going to visit it the day after St. Patrick's Day. The atmosphere inside doesn't help - concrete floors and big TVs and every Budweiser product you could drink is not really where any of us would choose to dine. Also, choosing Lucky's to advance would probably result in all sorts of shit being flung your way and saying we were bought off because they're hosting the final party and yadda, yadda, yadda. And yet...Lucky's makes a really tasty burger. It's a thick, juicy patty with good veggies and a properly buttered and griddled bun. The meat was seasoned well and had a good overall flavor. If it had come out medium rare as ordered and oozed a little, we might have bumped it over BWT just because it's a better representation of a "Pub Burger." Petrol-burger loving fanboys needs to check the Lucky's burger out. If I wanted food either before or after an Astros game, I'd go to Lucky's for a burger and be perfectly happy.

Team Burger Wolf Pack kept it short and sweet: "These two [winning] burgers were glorious. Juices running down to our elbows glorious. Honestly, the Samba Grille was amazing too, so that bracket was a tough match."

But which burgers advanced? Here are your Elite 8, Houston.


For a larger version of the bracket, click here.

Stay tuned next Monday when the Final Four are announced and remember: you, our readers, will be the judges on Monday, April 4, at Lucky's Pub at the Houston Press Final Four Viewing Party.

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Katharine Shilcutt