Eating Our Words Presents: Holiday Family Gathering BINGO!

Mom and Dad have arrived, the Christmas tree is gaudy as ever, and the dog is wearing antlers and a festive sweater. You're gonna need some booze to make it through the next week.

But don't just sit around and drink. Drink with a purpose, my friend! To help you out, we've turned your many reasons for imbibing into a fun holiday game.

Behold, Holiday Family Gathering BINGO.

As with BATTLE-DRINK, the Houston Texans BINGO Drinking Game from our news blog, Hair Balls, Holiday Family Gathering Bingo features escalating challenges, from the B column (sip) to the O column (shot). The numbers down the left side (1 through 5) denote the number of sips, shots, etc. to be taken.

Remember, drink responsibly. But we can't be held accountable if Grandma does, indeed, start twerking.

BINGO card on next page.

Cheers, and Merry Christmas!

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