Egg Salad Sandwich at Nielsen's Delicatessen

Several months ago I bemoaned the fact that many Houston delis/sandwich shops do not carry egg salad, in a post on the Hobbit Cafe's Far Down, a spectacular dill egg salad sandwich loaded with avocado.

That's still true, but I no longer care, 'cause now I know where to go. In response to that post, Mike N. advised me:

"You need to try the egg salad at Nielsen's further west on Richmond. The deviled eggs too."

It happened that I was, at that time, driving past Nielsen's almost everyday on my way to a part-time job. But two days after I received Mike's recommendation, the job ended and summer began and I went away and blah blah blah I never got to Nielsen's.

In search of egg salad once again this weekend (something about 107-degree weather makes me crave yolks and mayonnaise), I finally dragged my lazy ass to Nielsen's for a regular-size egg salad sandwich on wheat with lettuce and extra tomatoes ($8.50). I almost picked up some deviled eggs as well but figured that might be ova over-kill.

Nielsen's egg salad sandwich may look like nothing special, but it tastes very, very good. I attribute it to the combination of their rich, creamy homemade mayonnaise, those chunks of celery, and the abundant sunny yolks. The bread was fresh and hearty and the roughage delightfully crisp. I easily could have eaten two sandwiches.

My only criticism of Nielsen's sandwich is that the egg salad needed just a little kick. Perhaps a dash of pepper or paprika? Or maybe I should look to their deviled eggs or their chicken salad for more spice. Will report back.

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