Pot Luck

Eggs-cellent Tex-Mex Enchiladas

The enchiladas in chile con carne (#46) at Spanish Village on Almeda come in a very meaty chili. I tried an order with two fried eggs on top. Thanks to Kingsley and the many other commenters on the recent post "Dan Jenkin's Favorite Cheese Enchiladas" for the recommendations.

I asked readers to direct me to cheese enchiladas served in chili con carne (not thin chili gravy or thinned-down chili con carne). This old-fashioned dish was held up as a classic by my Tex-Mex mentor Dan Jenkins. Only a few Tex-Mex restaurants serve cheese enchiladas like this anymore. The example I gave in the first post is the dish called Enchiladas de Tejas at Molina's Cantina.

The chili con carne at Spanish Village sure wasn't thinned down any -- in fact it was a little too stiff. The best variation I sampled was the highly recommended #47 "Special Enchiladas a-la-Taylor." These are cheese enchiladas in chili con carne with "many spices" topped with a generous pool of Velveeta. The molten cheese adds the perfect amount of lubrication to the slightly dry chili.

Cleanse your palate with one of Spanish Village's secret-recipe frozen margaritas.

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