Elated over Elote

Elote con crema, or "corn in a cup," is a popular way to eat corn-on-the-cob at the little stands and taco trucks that serve roasted corn around the city. The corn-on-the-cob cocktail is made by slicing roasted corn fresh off the cob and mixing it in a cup with such condiments as Mexican sour cream, mayonnaise, chile powder and grated cheese.

While John T. Edge and I were on our "taco truck crawl" a few weeks ago, we sampled a terrible elote cocktail at the Tacos Mayra truck on Beechnut. The "roasted corn" in this cup looked like it came out of a can. So we had to stop a few blocks farther east on Beechnut, on the other side of Beltway 8, to try again when we came across the Melissa's Roasted Corn truck.

This time we really got some real fresh-roasted corn. Melissa's elote cocktail was so good, I couldn't bear to waste any. While Edge informed his Twitter followers about our good fortune, I ate the rest of the contents of the corn cup.

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