Enter the Dragon

When we pulled up to Hong Kong Chef (5112 Bissonnet St.), we felt like we were in a kung fu movie. As we entered the doors, which were decorated with Chinese symbols and a long dragon, it became clear this place is serious about its fast Chinese food. Yes, it is fast. They specialize in all the stuff we aren't supposed to eat, but hey, you gotta cut loose every now and then. The menu reads like a health fanatic's worst nightmare: Tso's chicken, moo goo gai pan, sha cha beef, orange chicken, house fried rice, etc.

The kitchen here is open, which we really appreciated. If there is MSG being used, you're watching it happen. (We didn't notice any, but who knows?) We ordered sha cha beef extra spicy and the infamous General Tso's chicken and were thoroughly impressed with the guilty pleasure we got for less than ten bucks. The General Tso's is almost as good as the version at Lai Lai's on Bellaire, and the sha cha was spicy and tender as ever. Garnished with a fried egg roll and house fried rice, which both were as good as we have had anywhere, made this the value of the century as far as gluttonous lunches go. We will definitely be heading back to try other dishes on the lunch menu. Or maybe just order these two over and over again. Only the dragon knows.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.