Of the many Internet memes that you and I and our moms are currently spreading across Facebook and Twitter these days, ERMAHGERD and WHARRGARBL are my current favorites.

But whereas WHARRGARBL is only funny in limited contexts, as seen above, ERMAHGERD lends itself to a whole array of possibilities.

The first known example of the ERMAHGERD meme didn't even contain the word "ERMAHGERD," however.

It was simply a very excited girl -- who appeared to be wearing an orthodontic device of some kind -- who was happily holding up a spread of Goosebumps books. The caption read: "GERSBERMS. MAH FAVRIT BERKS."

Before long, the meme had evolved to encompass any word that sounded as if it were being pronounced by a young girl with thick, heavy braces in her mouth. ERMAHGERD -- or "Oh my God" -- was born. And lo, it began to creep across the Web.

Soon, people were plastering ERMAHGERD on every janky photo they could find, including this one of a mentally challenged cat (aren't all cats a little mentally challenged?) and his Fancy Feast.

But not everyone gets stupid excited about Goosebumps and Fancy Feast. Like us. We get excited about...

Want to make your own ERMAHGERD image? Simply use this handy ERMAHGERD translator (there's a translator tool for every language on the Internet these days...) and Quickmeme.

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