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Evernote Food 2.0 App: Your Digital Cookbook

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Evernote released Evernote Food last year as an application for you to remember the food you recently ate. Rather than just snapping a quick picture of your gorgeous meal you either created at home or enjoyed at a restaurant, and vowing you would blog about it but really ended up never looking at it again, this edition of Evernote Food allowed you to store those photos in one location, making it easier for you to find your photos and do what you wanted with them.

Basically, the original application was a digital food journal. While you made your meals, you could take photos and notes of the steps, or just take a picture of your meal and write a little note about it so you would remember what it was, where it was and how it tasted.

The upgraded version of this food application allows you to do so much more than just take pictures of your food. Whether you're on your iPhone or iPad, you can organize all of your culinary explorations.

There are four sections within Evernote Food 2.0: My Meals, Restaurants, My Cookbook and Explore Recipes.

For the "My Meals" section, you can simply take photos of your meals and store them in one place. No more hastle of searching through all of your photos on your phone for the one plate of pasta you had at that Italian restaurant that you probably forgot the name of. You can store all of the little details you would need to know about the meal so you won't have any trouble trying to remember where you had that amazing dish you raved about to your friends and family.

The next section, "Restaurants," is a new addition to this application. Think about all of the applications you have that tell you where restaurants are and how close they are to you, then put those applications into Evernote Food 2.0. This application allows you to search for restaurants in close proximity to your location, save those restaurants so you can find them again and see what meals you had at those locations. Any time I visit a restaurant for the first time, I always want to remember where it is so I can find it again (it's also nice to remember what I had so I can order it again).

The third section, "My Cookbook," allows you to "clip" recipes off of the Internet and store them in your Evernote Food application. Just as you would copy and paste something from the Web to a Word document, you just use the Evernote Web Clipper and paste it to your cookbook, or transport anything from your computer to your Evernote Food application. Having it all in one area helps you keep your recipes organized and keeps them to a digital format.

The final section, "Explore Recipes," lets you do just that. This section of the application offers a multitude of recipes for you to use. Just click on the recipe and it will take you to the web page that the recipe comes from. The recipes come from national food magazines like Bon Appétit and popular bloggers such as Smitten Kitchen.

Use this food application to do everything you enjoy when it comes to culinary exploration. Save your favorite meals, restaurants and recipes all in one location. Keeping all of your recipes and favorite moments in restaurants just became that much easier.

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