Expedition Egg Salad: Barnaby's Cafe

I've become obsessed with egg salad, which is a little weird, because I can remember a time in my life when I hated both eggs and mayonnaise. Go figure.

My post on The Far Down at The Hobbit Cafe prompted a reader tip about Nielsen's, purveyor of another praiseworthy egg salad sandwich. (P.S. to commenter FattyFatBastard, I haven't yet smooshed four of their deviled eggs with bread to make my own sammie. Yet.)

But even though now I have at least two Houston options for great egg salad, I still want more. Hence my recent trip to Barnaby's.

When I examined my sandwich I found lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and bacon? Hmm, that wasn't on the menu description. Not that I'm complaining, as bacon usually makes everything better.

Consisting only of eggs, mayonnaise, and a bit of pepper, the egg salad itself was a bit bland. The two long strips of bacon, though not particularly fresh, added some welcome porcine savoriness. With that enhancement plus the acidic red onions, sweet juicy tomatoes, and nutty wheat bread, the overall flavor was more than decent. If the bacon had been a little hotter, greasier, and softer (sorry, don't think that food tastes better overcooked), the sandwich would get two thumbs up.

Various little birds have told me that I should also try the egg salad at Brown Bag Deli and Kenny and Ziggy's. Readers, any other establishments you recommend?

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