Expedition Egg Salad: Brown Bag Deli

In response to my last installment of Expedition Egg Salad, commenter Elizabeth Rhodes suggested I try Brown Bag Deli.

Since I tend to eat out more for dinner than lunch, I had only visited Brown Bag Deli a few times. I very much enjoyed their cold-cut sandwiches (especially when heated on the press--thanks for the tip, reader Maggie) and was certainly willing to give the egg salad a try.

One thing I like about the Brown Bag Deli, WhichWhich, and other establishments with paper bag ordering systems is that you (and the staff) have a written record so there's little he said/she said disputes about whether you did, in fact, specify " no mayo."

On my brown bag, for example, I boldly asked for extra meat (meaning extra egg salad), and the clerk did do a double-take when she read my request. "This is gonna be a big egg salad sandwich," she warned.

"You mean it's going to be a great egg salad sandwich," said another employee, smiling.

I was excited for my large-and-in-charge egg salad sandwich with lettuce, tomato, onions on wheat bread. Also, for the first time, perhaps because I was given the easy (and free) option, I added a slice of cheese (horseradish cheddar).

At home I unwrapped my little mountain of a sandwich. After one bite, it became clear that I'd also need a fork and a handful of napkins to make it through this meal.

I had high hopes for my sandwich, and while I wouldn't say they were dashed, I was just a bit disappointed. Overall, the sandwich was fine. It was indeed messy, but the individual components were fresh in quality and stacked neatly atop the fresh bread foundation.

And the egg salad, thick with yolks, not overly dressed with mayonnaise, was definitely good...but missing was something. By now I'm sure I sound like a broken record, as I complained Nielsen's egg salad needed a little kick, and Barnaby's was bland. I thought the addition of horseradish cheddar would provide some zip; however, its flavor was far milder than expected.

Brown Bag Deli's egg salad sandwich was the cheapest ($8.10) so far, even with the addition of extra meat, so that's something in their favor. I wouldn't hesitate to order it again, though I'd skip the cheese...or maybe get double cheese and no extra meat? Dunno how much that would help. I'm still on the hunt for better options. DeCapo's might be next.

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