Expedition Egg Salad: DaCapo's Pastry Cafe

Expedition Egg Salad has taken me to Nielsen's, Barnaby's, and Brown Bag Deli, all of which offered satisfying, albeit ultimately unremarkable, takes on the egg salad sandwich.

At the urging of Jelmore4 and Early Cuyler, I visited DaCapo's Pastry Cafe last weekend to try their much touted egg salad sandwich.

Theirs was the best so far, with the Far Down at The Hobbit Cafe a very close second.

DeCapo's egg salad has that je ne sais quoi whose absence I bemoaned in other Expedition sandwiches. Actually, je sais quoi in the case of DeCapo's: honey mustard. Similar to The Hobbit Cafe, DeCapo's uses dill, which gives the sandwich a wonderful aromatic earthiness. This addition of mustard as well provides the sweet-spicy punch that transforms your run-of-the-mill, nibble-nibble egg salad into a lip-smacking lunch that you gobble down in five minutes flat.

DeCapo's rye bread is lackluster compared to The Hobbit Cafe's hearty wheat loaf, but that's probably for the best, as I wouldn't want the flavor of the starch to compete with that of the protein. And though seemingly a bit flimsy, the thin rye slices nevertheless successfully held together my sandwich in spite of the extra scoop of egg salad I (again) requested. Perfect comparisons be damned, Bruce R, I was really hungry.

Marie, I'm heeding your advice and heading to The French House for the next Expedition Egg Salad.

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