Falafel Frenzy

We love the name of the new restaurant that just opened in downtown, just off of Market Square. It's called Falafel Frenzy (914 Prairie, 713-237-8987), and it's owned by Ayman Jarah, who is Lebanese.

"I used to have a bar and nightclub in the same space," he says, "but I decided to try a restaurant, and from the day we opened the door, it's been really awesome." Ayman says he wanted to do something different with his Middle Eastern food. "[The falafel] is shaped like a donut with a hole in the middle, and once it's cooked, we put sesame seeds all over it," he says. "Then there's the shawarma, which I mix with mushrooms, onions and spices before grilling it — it's really fantastic."

The small place is inviting, with no-­nonsense, order-at-the-counter service that's quick and efficient. The falafel fits Ayman's description. It's also incredibly moist, not dry like some others, and the sesame seeds add an interesting flavor. We also recommend the kefta kebob, hummus and tabbouleh, but we found the baba ghanoush without the requisite smoky flavor. We'll definitely be back to try the shawarma...

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Paul Galvani