Pot Luck

Fancy French Chocolates

I got a tiny box containing four chocolate truffles in the mail. I ate the one that was covered with pistachio crumbs and filled with green pistachio cream. It was so good, I ate the one covered with cocoa powder and filled with dark chocolate ganache. Then I put the box down for a minute, and the other two disappeared. The chocolate thief asked me where I got those and when I could get some more. I handed her the press release that came with the little box.

Expressions Fine Chocolates is the name of a company founded by Houstonian Valerie Gamble. Gamble learned the chocolatier trade at Ecole Chocolat in Montreal. (Ecole Chocolat sounds so much more impressive than "chocolate school.") Gamble started her company Expressions Fine Chocolates in Austin to create handmade chocolate truffles and other confections in the fancy French chocolate shop style.

A couple of weeks ago, Gamble relocated her headquarters to Houston. Expressions Fine Chocolates is now located at 3535 Wilcrest between Richmond and West Park. If somebody in your life craves expensive handmade French chocolates, you need to stop by and welcome Valerie Gamble to town.

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Robb Walsh
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