Farmers' Market Brunch at Te House of Tea

We've been going to the Te House of Tea (1927 Fairview) for many years now. It opened at the height of the tea craze in Houston, a time when it seemed like there was a new tea house opening on every corner. We went soon after it opened and found our favorite tea ever, the Fujian Silk oolong. We've watched Te House of Tea grow from offering just pastries in the case to full lunches. For the first time last week, we spied a note on the chalkboard that there would be a farmers' market brunch on Saturday ($9.50).

We called the place on Friday to make sure the brunch was happening on Saturday, to make sure that we weren't looking at a bulletin from a previous week. The following morning, we walked up to the counter and ordered it. We were met with a glazed stare from the confused waitstaff. Apparently, it wasn't a brunch buffet or anything too crazy, they were just making omelets and crepes with ingredients from the Bayou City Market.

We felt a little cheated until we found out it came with a pot of tea. But then we felt even more cheated when we found out that they were out of Fujian Silk. We ordered a pot of Snow White tea (a mint-laced white tea) and a crepe with greens and goat cheese. We felt the crepe could have been stuffed with more of that fantastic goat cheese.

We tried our friend's omelette, which was fantastic, with a thick ribbon of mixed cheeses in the center. Will we be back for more next week? Probably. Even though our crepe needed a little improvement, the rest of the food we've had at Te House of Tea has been excellent. When it comes down to it, it's just slightly more than getting a crepe at the farmers' market, and you get a pot of tea.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.