Spice plays a big role at this new restaurant.
Spice plays a big role at this new restaurant.
Photo courtesy of SING

SING Announces it Will Open in the Spring With Cuisine From Singapore

Come Spring 2018, the Garden Oaks/Oaks Forest area will boast a new fast-casual restaurant with an emphasis on pick-up and to-go orders when SING opens offering Singaporean-inspired dishes, it was announced Wednesday.

The brainchild of chef Cuc Lam (former Houston Press food writer and critic) and restaurateur Jerry Lasco (of Max’s Wine Dive and the Tasting Room fame), the intimate restaurant – only 1,250 square feet for the smallest environmental footprint possible – will offer dishes executed in less than five minutes. There will be two communal tables for dining in.

Lam, who has 20 years of experience cooking Vietnamese, Chinese and Thai dishes in addition to the Singapore cuisine, will oversee the day to day operations and serve as overall concept Chef.

“All of the dishes that I crave from China, Vietnam, Thailand, India and Malaysia were brought together in one beautiful place. SING is our tribute to Singapore, the great melting pot,” Lasco says.

Ninety percent of the dishes will be gluten-free, Lam said. Beer, wine and Lam’s specialty teas will also be available.

Although the restaurant won’t open till sometime in the spring – with the exact location still a bit of a mystery, diners will have a chance to try it out this Sunday at a pop-up (Lam is a veteran having done more than 100 of these) from noon to 5 p.m. at the Revive Development Shopping Center, 1737 West 34th. The parking lot party will celebrate the grand re-opening of The Surfhouse, the oldest surf shop in Texas.

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