Fast Times: Einstein Bros. Bagels Santa Fe Wrap
Photo by Christina Uticone

Fast Times: Einstein Bros. Bagels Santa Fe Wrap

I love eating fast food for breakfast more than any other meal. I feel like it gives me a leg up on the calorie situation -- since I'm eating it early, I have all day to work off as much of the junk food as I can. During the two years I have lived in Houston I've driven by Einstein Bagels and wondered what was in store for me inside, but never stopped in. I think it's partly due to my aversion of eating a bagel outside of New York.

That said, I found myself very hungry around 10 a.m. recently, on a rare morning when I had failed to eat breakfast before leaving the house to run errands. I am very much a breakfast eater, so an empty stomach at 10 a.m. was making me almost queasy. Since I was nudging right up against that fast food 10:30 cut-off, I decided to turn into the parking lot of the Einstein Bros. Bagel shop at Kirby& Bissonnet and see what was on the menu.

Besides bagels, that is.

When I walked in I immediately kicked myself for not stopping in sooner -- this is actually kind of a cute little set-up. I liked the atmosphere, the staff was really friendly, and the menu is varied: bagel dogs, wraps, salads, soups, sandwiches, and Panini. I checked out the bagel case and wasn't convinced enough to order a bagel, so I scrolled through the Panini and wrap choices, settling on the Santa Fe Wrap: "Turkey-sausage, ancho-lime salsa, jalapeno cream cheese, and pepper jack cheese." At $4.80 I was hoping it would be reasonably big, enough to bridge the gap between breakfast and lunch and get me through to dinner.

The verdict? I loved this wrap. Seriously, major fast food breakfast love for this thing. The eggs are a little hard, but scrambled fast food eggs by definition are hard, so no complaints there really. What I really love about this wrap is that it is truly bursting with flavor. The ancho-lime salsa packs a lot of heat, which was more than a pleasant surprise, since fast food salsas are usually pretty terrible. The textures here were great, too: the turkey breakfast sausage wasn't gritty or mealy the way some pre-packaged versions can be, and the jalapeno cream cheese and the pepper jack cheese complemented the heat from the salsa and formed a kind of lush condiment combination.

Don't let the wheat wrap and turkey sausage fool you--the Santa Fe Wrap comes in at a terrifying 700 calories, but every last one of them is delicious. I didn't eat another thing until 8 p.m. Total fast food win!

Nutritional Information: 700 calories, 36 grams fat, 440 mg cholesterol, 1380 mg sodium, 60 grams carbs, 6 grams fiber, 8 grams sugar, 36 grams protein

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