Fast Times: Sushi Counter at Disco Kroger

Sure, drive-thru windows are fast, but the fastest fast food in town is pre-made anything from the grocery store. Enter: the sushi counter at the new and improved Disco Kroger on Montrose. I haven't had time to explore the store beyond the produce section (so much better!), cheese shop, and sushi counter, but those three areas alone are worth the price of admission, let me tell you. During a quick stop for apples the other day I could not resist the sushi rolls and dumplings on display just a few feet away.

Grocery store sushi is hit or miss, but I've had great luck in the past at H-E-B on Buffalo Speedway. Everything in the case at the Kroger on Montrose looked inviting, but I stuck to my go-to favorite Spicy Tuna Rolls ($5.99), and threw in Tien Jin chicken dumplings ($2.59) just for fun.

The intense brown color of the brown rice used in these rolls caught my eye immediately--these rolls are much darker than their H-E-B counterparts. The difference doesn't stop at the color, and my Kroger rolls had both a nuttier flavor and a more substantial, chewier texture. When I say "chewy" I don't mean "gummy," but a pleasant firmness that provides a counterpoint to the soft and spicy tuna. The major "wow" factor was the fresh, creamy, perfectly ripe avocado that balanced out the spice. I didn't even use soy sauce because the rolls were perfect little bites all on their own.

The dumplings were also very tasty, but several of them were slightly burnt on the cooked edge. Dumplings are definitely not a food that tastes better when overcooked, and the bitter edge made for an unpleasant bite. The dumpling stuffing was quite delicious, with cabbage and chicken coming through strongly after I scraped away the burned edge of the dumpling. I just zapped these quickly to warm them through, but I think next time I have a few extra minutes I might make a quick dumpling bowl with chicken broth, bok choy and carrots.

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