Fast Times

Fast Times: Turkey Cranberry Panini at Murphy's Deli

After last week's caloric debacle, I promised to give my heart a break for this installment of Fast Times. I headed to one of my favorite fast food sandwich spots, Murphy's Deli, and ordered the Turkey Cranberry Panini.

It looked a lot healthier than my usual--the Club Supreme. Sorry, no caloric information on this one. I checked Murphy's web site a few times, but no luck. This sandwich tasted healthy, but it was boring. I know healthy and boring don't always go hand-in-hand, but in this case, they did.

Absolutely nothing about the panini made me want to get it again, certainly not with so many other wonderful Murphy's Deli options. I enjoyed the turkey and cranberry sauce combination, but the sandwich was small and somewhat bland - it left me wanting more.

However, I'll give the worker behind the counter credit for producing a well-constructed sandwich. It held its form upon consumption and had an excellent crunch from being pressed to perfection. I thought the turkey was adequately portioned, but again, the overall size of the sandwich factored heavily into my mediocre experience.

I'm guessing the Turkey Cranberry Panini is a limited-time menu item. If you blink, you might miss it. And that wouldn't be so bad. Well, maybe for your heart it would. I'll be getting back on the Club Supreme train for my next visit.

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