Fast Times

Fast Times: Wendy's Premium Fish Sandwich Combo

Advertising got the best of me for this edition of Fast Times. How could it not? Wendy's is now offering a chance to "Get Hooked on a Real Fish Sandwich." That sounds like my kind of deal. I don't enjoy fake fish sandwiches.

I ordered the combo meal, which came with the fish sandwich, a small fountain drink, and a small order of fries. The entire meal came in at 980 calories (39 grams of fat). Expect next week's piece to feature a lot healthier item. This one needed a Lipitor chaser.

First, can someone please bring back those original Wendy's fries? I'm just not a fan of this natural-cut, sea salt version. Rest easy McDonald's, your fries still reign supreme.

But today, I'm here to focus on the fish sandwich.

It's a panko-crusted piece of cod. There was a nice crunch to the fish and, as expected, it had a mild taste. The tartar sauce was not good, and like most sandwiches at Wendy's, the big buns dominated a small piece of meat (insert joke). The lettuce did nothing for me, and neither did the price of this puny combo: $5.62.

Wendy's Premium Fish Sandwich Combo wasn't terrible, but given its high caloric value and small portion-size, it's probably seen the last of me. That's a good thing.

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