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I asked my fellow food bloggers to choose their three favorite desserts in Houston. Let's take a look at what they said.

Geri Maria Harris

1. Churros and Hot Chocolate from Hugo's 2. Flan from El Rey 3. 5 Nut Brownie from Hillstone (formerly Houston's)

Geri's Take: It is rare that I get dessert from a restaurant, but there a few places that I simply cannot pass up. There is nothing more decadent than dipping crispy cinnamon fritters in a cup of gently spiced molten chocolate at Hugo's or spooning bits of velvety caramel cream at El Rey. And when I'm feeling nostalgic, I always turn to the perfectly executed version of the brownie sundae at Houston's, which is outrageously studded with five different types of nuts, including my favorite: pistachios.

Christina Uticone

1. Tres Leches cake from Ninfa's on Navigation 2. Creme Brulee from Pesce 3. Oatmeal ice cream from Feast

Christina's Take: Tres leches is my favorite cake, period, and Ninfa's on Navigation's version literally takes the cake. No gummy wad of cake and milk, it's sweet without being cloying and moist in a good way -- even though I hate the word "moist." The creme brulee from Pesce is the best I've had outside of France - Ninfa's gets the caramelized top right, every time -- plus the berries are freshfreshfresh. Finally, I'm obsessed with the oatmeal ice cream I had - once -- at Feast. I haven't seen it on the menu since, but I hope and pray this slightly-sweet, slightly-nutty, super-creamy concoction made from steel-cut oats is on the menu again in the future.

Kristen Majewski

1. Dark Chocolate Gelato from Docle Vita 2. Chocolate Chip Cookies from Tiny Boxwood's Café 3. Tres Leches from Churrascos

Kristen's Take: When it comes to desserts, I prefer simple treats as opposed to elaborate dishes. Dolce Vita is one of the few places where I consistently order dessert, solely because of the dark chocolate gelato, which is, to me, heavenly in texture and flavor. I don't visit Tiny Boxwoods much for full meals, but when the day requires a chocolate chip cookie, I know I can always find a perfect one there. Finally, I've never been much of a tres leches fan, but the tres leches at Churrasco's is crazy good and a must-order at any of the Cordua restaurants.

Kevin Shalin (me)

1. Tres Leches from Samba Grille 2. 24 Layer Chocolate Cake from Strip House 3. Bread Pudding from BB's Cajun Café

My Take: I'd eat the tres leches from Samba Grille off a dirty toilet bowl at Reliant Stadium. And this is coming from someone who isn't even a fan of tres leches. Strip House's 24-Layer Chocolate Cake is a freaking marvel, combining excellent taste with breathtaking construction. BB's Bread Pudding is just plain good, a microcosm of their overall menu.

The Reaction: Obviously, what stands out most about the selections was the mention of tres leches, three different times, at three different places. It's hard for me to comment on the other desserts, since I've had none of them. But I can say that El Rey does a mean Key Lime Pie, so I'm guessing Geri is correct in her assessment of the flan.

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