Fedora Lounge

Wondering what to wear for Halloween, I sought out liquid inspiration at the Fedora Lounge (2726 Bissonnet, 713-807-0152). Amidst the candlelit wooden bar, the built-in booths perfect for secret rendezvous and the piped-in bebop jazz, I contemplated life and costumes. Delighted by the drink menu, I had no trouble deciding on the martini-esque Woo Woo, chilled to perfection and elegantly served by bartender Kelly. I was enchanted by my cocktail, and my thoughts turned to hats and how the right one can make a good costume great. But why just for costumes? Hats aren't as super-cool as they used to be. Sure, this city has cowboy hats, baseball caps and skullcaps, but where are the bowlers, homburgs, berets and derbies? Where are the courageous women with feathers, bows and glitter atop their perfectly coiffed hair? Why was JFK the last president to wear the traditional stovepipe hat to his inauguration? Could I alone start a trend by wearing a different hat to work each day? Why do babies look so goofy in hats? Why does my boss want me to be available at the drop of a hat? I needed a second Woo Woo to calm the mad hatter in me; then it came to me. Now, where could I buy a fez and rent a monkey?

1 1/4 ounces top-shelf vodka

3/4 ounces peach schnapps


Fedora Lounge

Splash cranberry juice

Mix ingredients in a shaker with ice. Strain and serve in a chilled glass. Tip your hat and your bartender.

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