Fess Up: You Haven't Eaten at RDG + Bar Annie

...or maybe you haven't eaten at La Colombe d'Or or Tony's or Mark's. Or, on the other hand, you haven't eaten at Lankford Grocery, Irma's, Pizzitola's or Molina's. Maybe you've never eaten at a Chili's. I don't know.

All I know is this: Albert Nurick asked a question on Twitter last Friday that got me thinking. His question of the day was this: "What Houston restaurant have you always wanted to try, but haven't yet?"

My initial response was that I'd never eaten at either Mark's or Da Marco and had always wanted to. It is more than possible to live in Houston your entire life and never visit restaurants which are considered classics, can't-misses or at the top of the popularity ladder for one reason or another.

In my case, I live in Montrose but have never eaten at Mark's or Da Marco because my budget usually prohibits it. When I have the extra dollars to spend, I end up blowing it on things like really fantastic sashimi or cocktails (I'm just being honest) and always forget to visit high-end places like those two. Similarly, I want to try Bootsie's but haven't yet made time to drive to Tomball, and I'd really like to finally eat at Benjy's -- especially after seeing the new brunch menu -- but never seem to make it over there.

So I want to know: What Houston restaurant have you always wanted to try but haven't yet, and why?

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