Fiending for Berripop

Berripop is the current designer drug in a long line of addictive frozen yogurts. The consistency is smooth and creamy, with surprisingly few calories.

The locations at Greenway and Uptown Park rotate flavors rather haphazardly, keeping customers on their toes and checking in regularly for the occasional surprise. Staples include blueberry, raspberry pomegranate, mango, peach, black cherry and acai berry. On rare occasions, there's green tea.

The original, tart Berripop flavor is a little hard to take straight. It's like your first time drinking coffee -- it's best to start out with sugar, cream and extras before ordering it black. The selection of fruit toppings is wide, with everything from pomegranate to mango and blackberries.

Uncommon additions to the toppings menu, such as Fruity Pebbles, Cocoa Pebbles and Crunch Berries, make for a unique experience, but we prefer plain, simple, habit-forming blueberry Berripop.

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Lauren McKechnie
Contact: Lauren McKechnie