Finally: S*%# Foodies Say

A mere week ago, I was petulantly whining that of all the eminently quotable people who've had "Shit ____ People Say" videos made out of their inane, daily vocabulary, we foodies had yet to be targeted. We are always ripe for the picking, folks.

"Can I get that with a fried egg on it?"

"I'd really like that sandwich shop more if it stocked locally baked artisan bread."

And the Internet gods heard my cry. Finally, a "Shit Foodies Say" video has been born.

Maybe you're tired of watching these videos -- and if you are, I recommend watching "Shit Gay Guys Say To Their Cats" to lure you back into the genre -- but lines like "I'm gonna eat the shit outta that!" and "I want my first-born child to be born into a bath of this horchata" make "Shit Foodies Say" a very worthy entry into the canon. Its "secret menu" sequel is equally amusing.

After all, I barely make it through a single day without groaning in the car that "I should have worn my stretchy pants."

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