Fingertip Popcorn

Ask anyone familiar with Chicago's food scene, and they will inevitably mention Garrett's Gourmet Popcorn. Locals and tourists alike form lines out the doors of the small chain of popcorn shops to procure huge helpings of Garrett's famous cheddar and caramel popcorn mix. The salty-sweet combination is seriously addictive.

Now Fingertip Popcorn has arrived in Pearland (11200 Broadway St, Suite 1370). Nestled in the outdoor food courtyard in the heart of the Pearland Town Center, this ultra-hip snackery offers hungry shoppers the chance to experience a taste of Chicago without having to board an airplane. There's cheddar and caramel varieties, which can be mixed together to create what they call the Chicago Mix, a must-try. There is also a spicy Cajun flavor, which is amazing mixed with cheese (lovingly dubbed the Louisiana Mix). You can indulge in the more traditional plain butter or kettle corn, or create almost any combination of the four flavors you want.

You can snack here without getting overly full or weighed down. The flavors are intensely decadent, but amazingly still light and airy. The popcorn is made fresh daily, and they keep the menu small in order to provide maximum freshness.

Alicia Hancock and Reggie Phillips (of Chicago Bears football fame) are responsible for bringing the tasty treat to Houston. After scouting out the city, they decided that the family-friendly Pearland Town Center would provide both a steady flow of foot traffic and be accessible to those driving in specifically for popcorn. The space is clean and spacious, with movies playing on the white walls and large, clear bins.

A small bag will cost you from $2 to $6.50, or you can get a large to share for $5.65 to $9.75. There's also free wi-fi.

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