Fire Shutters Houston's MF Sushi

A fire that began in the kitchen of MF Sushi early Sunday morning has forced the popular restaurant to close it doors. KHOU reported that the blaze was quickly extinguished by Houston firefighters.

Chef Chris Kinjo told CultureMap Houston that he wasn't sure when the restaurant would reopen. "We are assessing the damage and trying to figure everything out," Kinjo told CultureMap via text message. Kinjo added that a member of the fire department told him that a soup warmer was being viewed as the source of the blaze.

No one was hurt in the fire, which is still under investigation.

In June of 2013, Mai Pham wrote that Kinjo's mastery of nigiri sushi was amazing to watch. "There is an art to the way in which he makes his rice, a craftsman's skill that takes years of practice to perfect. Kinjo himself will be the first to admit that he's still working at it every day," Pham wrote.

Kinjo moved to Houston from Atlanta, where his MF Buckhead was consistently rated among the top sushi restaurants in that city. MF Buckhead closed in February of 2012.

Kinjo opened MF Sushi on Westheimer in December of 2012.

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