All over the U. S. of A., last Tuesday was about decisions. Republican or Democrat? Liberal or conservative? Vodka or gin? On this most American of days, we posted up at the Firkin & Phoenix (1915 Westheimer, 713-526-3100), a Canadian-owned English-style pub that we later learned was hosting a mixer for the German-American Chambers of Commerce. Huh? Picture us swilling gin gimlets, eating fish and chips and watching European soccer, surrounded by oddly dressed Teutons speaking in strange accents about exciting local business opportunities. What better way to celebrate democracy? The election results seemed to have everyone else's attention, but for pure entertainment, we were more interested in the Germans than the polls. Hey-oh! Anyhoo, it had been a long day at the office, so as soon as the race was called we voted in favor of going home early. No more election coverage for a while — now that's change we can believe in.

2 ounces gin

3/4 ounces Rose's lime juice

Fresh lime wedges

Pour gin and lime juice into a shaker with ice; squeeze in fresh lime; shake and strain into a martini glass. Want another? Yes you can.

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