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First (Date) Impression: What Your Restaurant Order Says About You

People can tell a lot about you in just one date. Especially if it's a dinner date. How much do you care about your appearance? Are you capable of maintaining eye contact? Do you only like to talk about yourself? Do you smell?

But it's not just first appearances, dinner conversation and the percentage of tip you leave that's an indicator of the kind of person you are on a first date. You reveal a lot by what you order, too.

Check out what your order says about you:

Hamburger & Fries

You're a no-frills kinda guy or gal. Life's a party, so why not treat it that way? You prefer to keep your problems to yourself, grab a beer with friends and enjoy your time away from the office, stress-free. Just make sure that if you really like someone, you're not afraid to open up and go deeper (that's what he said).

Smoked Escolar

You're a thrill seeker. You're the first one to sign up for that last-minute summer-long hiking trip through Chile and the first of your friends to take up parkour. If this describes your date, remember: Adventure is great, but be sure to get to know these types for who they are, not just the extreme things they've tried.

Hamachi Ceviche garnished with soy-yuzu and radish

Trendy is your middle name. Always wanting to see and be seen, you have your manicured fingers on the pulse of the hottest new bars, restaurants and dance clubs around. We bet you were an early adopter of Instagram, too. Appearances may seem like everything, but there's more to you than meets the eye. Don't forget to show your date your softer side.

Chicken Parmigiana

...with the Caesar salad...or anything else that screams classic, because you are classic. You are a warmhearted, respectful person. You're a homebody who loves your family, relaxing nights at home and a good bottle of wine. You enjoy a life that is simple, but make sure it's not boring. Take a cue from our Smoked Escolar buddy and add some spice into your life every once in a while.

Poached Salmon but the lunch portion and without the ginger-carrot mousse. Can you just have a lemon wedge on the side? And no shiitakes, either. Actually, keep the shiitakes, that's fine. Oh, a side of truffle fries, please...but no truffles.

You like control. Scratch that, love it, need it, even. You've had a life plan since sixth grade, which you've followed to a tee, all the way from your middle-school presidency to your summa cum laude law school degree and first job at the city's top firm. Sure, you may be high-maintenance, but at least you know what you like. Right? Not so fast. Sometimes, it takes losing control to meet the right person. Don't be scared to veer a bit off your straight-as-shit path and take a chance every now and then. Go ahead, let loose -- you deserve it.

You'll have what they're having

You are a gentle soul; a kind, albeit shy, person who just wants everyone to be happy -- even if that means putting others before yourself (i.e, you can be a bit of a doormat). But that won't make you the best partner, so make sure you can shed that shyness and be your true self when meeting someone new.

Chicken a white cloth restaurant

Always the class clown, you're a kid at heart who just likes things the way they are. If you had it your way, you'd be having grilled cheese at your wedding. Always the life of the party and the last to go home, you like to make people laugh. Humor is great, but don't forget to take yourself seriously sometimes. If you don't, no one else will.

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