Five Foods I Would Take To A Desert Island

I have only seen one episode of Survivor. But I have read a host of 18th-century shipwreck narratives that are just as compelling! (Um, no.) Both make me wonder which food and drink I would want with me if I were stranded on a desert island. Here are five foods I could live off of for years on end; feel free to submit your own list in the comments. Note: The emphasis of this list is on pleasure, not practicality.

5. Chunky Peanut Butter. There's omething so satisfying about the sweet-salty, smooth-crunchy taste of hydrogenated nut butter. Although I prefer my PB on graham crackers, toast and muffins, I could definitely be happy eating it by the spoonful every day.

4. Limes. A bit weird, I know, but I love the refreshing tart flavor of a bright emerald lime. As a castaway, I would use it to liven up my rainwater and add some zest to all that seafood I'd be catching (yeah, right). The extra vitamin C might also come in handy in warding off the scurvy.

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3. Salmon. Roast chicken is lovely, rare cheeseburgers are even better, but salmon is simply divine. Too bad I am horrible at fishing. Even if I was packing heat and the island was covered in barrels filled with salmon, I still would not be able to procure any. So, I need to bring my own filets, which I will smoke, bake, grill, fry and even eat raw, depending on my fancy.

2. Milk. Although I'm nuts about cocktails and juice, at the end of the day, milk is my beverage of choice. If there were no cows or goats on my island, I'd go crazy for want of lactose in about two days. Refrigeration? No problem, I prefer it warm...

1. Chocolate Chip Cookies. To say I have a sweet tooth is the understatement of the year, so a desert island without my favorite dessert would pretty much be hell on earth. I prefer my cookies chewy, but I'd settle for slightly crispy provided the chip-to-dough ratio remained high.

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