Five Houston Desserts We're Falling For

The recent cold front is making it feel as if fall has officially hit our glorious city. Whether it stays or not is yet to be determined, but we're gonna eat like the air is crisp anyway. And what better place to start than with the sweet stuff?

Here are 5 Seasonal Desserts We're Totally Fallin' For:

5. Provisions' Carrot Cake Donut

We didn't think moist-spiced carrot cake with a tangy cream cheese frosting could get better. Then Provisions came along with this doughnut. The delicate hunk of fried dough looks unassuming at first, but crack it open and you'll see a thick, smooth carrot and cinnamon-laced custard oozing out. It's served alongside caramelized cream cheese frosting and brown-sugar crumbles, and the result is carrot cake on crack. And delicious.

4. Ooh La La Bakery's Salted Caramel Apple Cupcake

We can't get enough of Ooh La La's cupcakes, especially the ones that make us feel like we're fresh off the apple farm. This spiced apple cupcake is light, moist and smothered with a sweet caramel buttercream. And the sprinkling of sea salt on top only further accents the cake's bold autumn flavors.

3. House of Pies' Sweet Potato Pie

Made with moist, fleshy Louisiana yams, this bright orange, nutmeg-spiked pie is fall on a plate. The best part is you can grab a slice of the slightly chunky pie morning, noon or night.

2. Petite Sweets' Pumpkin Whoopie Pies

If you've never had a whoopie pie, you're missing out. And if you've never had a pumpkin whoopie pie, even more so. A kind of cookie, cake and pie hybrid, these New England cookie sandwiches get a fall twist with fluffy, pumpkin-accented cake, sweet cream cheese frosting, and black and orange sprinkles.

1. Triniti's Pumpkin Mocha

Triniti has some of the best fine-dining desserts around, so it's no surprise that their pumpkin-spiced cake, accented with dollops of fresh whipped cream, dots of caramel, sweet, juicy figs and a creamy, chocolate-mocha gelato, takes the, well, the cake.

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