Five Insanely Awesome Hangover Cures in Houston

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New Year's Eve is a hell of a drug. To help aid the inevitable hangover, try any of these awesomely delicious next day gut-busters.

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The Hangover Burger Where to get it: Hubcap Grill, multiple locations

Hangover is in the name, so if this grease bomb isn't going to sober you up, nothing will. The big and juicy beef burger comes topped with a hunk of grilled ham, blackened bacon, hand-cut fries, and cream gravy. And that's all before you add an oozing fried egg on it for an extra buck.

Matzoh Ball Pho Where to get it: Eatsie Boys, 4100 Montrose

Imagine you're bubbe's famous matzoh ball soup. Now imagine it mixed with your favorite Vietnamese pho. This piping hot soup will cure your hangover AND make you smile.

Chicken Fried Steak Where to get it: Any of these Top 10 Spots

Starch, meat, and cream. Do you really need anything else? Whether you want it smothered in bacon gravy alongside Texas toast or served with fried eggs and buttermilk biscuits, any of our 10 Best Chicken Fried Steaks are sure to please.

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A Return to Life Brunch Buffet Where to get it: Hugo's , 1600 Westheimer

Sometimes, you just have to eat your way out of a hangover. And there's no better way to do that than with an endless buffet of Mexican classics. Corn souffle, poached eggs, shrimp and octopus ceviche, chorizo-stuffed ancho chiles, roasted rack of lamb, costillas, carnitas, tamales, and tres leches are allllll waiting for you to devour them. And if you're reallllyy too hungover to be in public, any of these breakfast tacos will do.

Sweet & Spicy Chicken & Pecan Waffles Where to get it: Liberty Kitchen, 1050 Studewood

Bourbon-pickled jalapeños (seriously) and Maine maple syrup make this good as hell fried chicken and pecan waffle sandwich a winner. The egg your way (which should be sunny-side-up or over easy unless you're a complete psychopath) only makes things that much better.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.