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Five Kickass Pretzel Dishes to Try in Houston

Who doesn't love a good soft pretzel? Even better when there's a dip involved or meat and cheese stuffed inside. With that in mind, we've rounded up 5 Must-Try Pretzel Dishes in Houston.

"Midnight Special" Soft Pretzel Where to get it: Mongoose Versus Cobra

Pretzels and beer go together like milk and cookies. So it's no wonder you'll find giant soft pretzels being served at craft beer bars all around town. But one of our favorites is at Mongoose Versus Cobra. Our brilliant critic, Kaitlin Steinberg, says it best:

"Mongoose Vs. Cobra's soft pretzel is bigger than my head. In fact, it's about the size of a cat curled up to sleep. Or maybe a mongoose. The salt-covered pretzels are made by Slow Dough Bread Co., which has no storefront but supplies bread to restaurants around the city. It's not the typical dense, heavy soft pretzel with a tough skin. It's light and fluffy on the inside, and the crust is crispy and oh-so buttery."

You can get the pretzel brushed with generous amounts of butter and served with a side of grainy mustard and housemade spicy pickles; Or you can go for the gold and get it topped with mustard, melted cheese, chilis, and bacon (don't worry, it still comes with the pickles). It really all depends on how drunk you are.

Pretzel Epi Where to get it: Provisions

We haven't met a bread pairing at Provisions that wasn't on point, but we especially love the warm and chewy epi-cut pretzel baguette. Liberally salted and served with a zesty black garlic mostarda and a wedge of Raclette, a Gruyère-like cow's milk cheese, it is the way to start your meal. But if you happen to be there for brunch, they make an equally-as-pleasing pretzel roll to house a fried eggs, scrapple and pepper relish.

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Frank the Pretzel Where to get it: Eatsie Boys Cafe

The Eatsie Boys are known to change up their menu, but our old friend "Frank the Pretzel" always seems to stay put. The lightly-salted, fluffy Slow Dough pretzel bun makes the perfect bed for a poblano-and-feta-studded chicken sausage, caramelized onions, and a thick and creamy chardonnay mustard. The punch-packing, flavorful dog is well worth the $7 price tag.

Warm Pretzel w/ Redneck Cheese Dip Where to get it: The Hay Merchant

If pretzels and beer are good, pretzels and beer and queso are better. It doesn't get much better than dunking Hay Merchant's warm, supple, crisp, and buttery pretzel straight into a vat of hot and gooey chile-spiked cheddar cheese sauce. That is, until you tack on Hay Merchant's heavenly beer list.

Mortadella Sandwich Where to get it: 13 Celsius

A lot of places serve sandwiches on pretzel buns, but 13 Celsius ups the ante by serving theirs inside an actual pretzel. The fat, fluffy pretzel is just as crisp on the outside and as it is soft in the middle, making it the perfect texture to house grilled mortadella, melted provolone, sliced tomato, and a fried egg that oozes its rich and buttery yolk with each bite.

Perhaps pretzels and wine is the new pretzels and beer.

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