Five Staples of the Bobo Pantry

Admittedly I didn't have to look very far to find candidates for this list, as I (and many of my friends) lean toward the "bourgeois-bohemian" lifestyle, for better or for worse. If you have three or more of these items in your pantry, well, you might be a bobo. Don't know what the hell I'm talking about? Consult David Brooks's definitive work for more details.

5. Steel-cut oats. Regular oatmeal is good for you but too pedestrian for the bobo, who takes pride in eating a breakfast that is twice as healthful and twice as time-consuming. Fourth-generation Irish bobos are particularly loyal to McCann's in honor of their homeland.

4. White tea. Haven't you heard? White is the new green. With less caffeine and more anti-oxidants than green tea, white tea is the perfect way to cleanse the blood and calm the nerves. Each sip brings the bobo back to that hiking trip he took through rural China the summer before selling out to The Man.

3. Basmati rice. To go with all the tandoori dishes the bobo imagines she'll cook one day and all the chicken tikka masala she takes out each week. Like white tea, basmati rice is appealing for its exotic quality and reasonable glycemic index. Nothing better than being cosmopolitan and in control of your blood sugar.

2. Pink salt. A popular house-warming or shower gift for the bobo couple who swears, of course, they can actually tell the difference between these rose-colored granules and the regular old iodized white stuff. Besides, without pink salt on that grass-fed burger, their "garden party" quickly degenerates into a cookout.

1. Flaxseed. The bobo doesn't actually know what flax seeds tastes like since they go straight by the cupful into his morning smoothie. Nevertheless, he loves them and insists on eating them every morning. What else will power him through that killer session with the trainer and the harrowing day at the firm?

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