Flaming Young: 10 Food-Related Words You Need to Stop Misspelling

We've already covered 20 food words you need to stop mispronouncing. And then 20 more words after that, since apparently people still stumble over the fact that there is no "x" in espresso. And espresso is definitely one of those words that people -- even people who work in coffee shops -- misspell on a daily basis.

But there are far worse sins than putting an "x" in espresso. And there's one brilliant but under-the-radar Twitter account that's been compiling them all: @CheeseCasadia. Here are our favorites and a list of the ten words that you need to stop misspelling.

10. Casadia / Quesadilla

9. Pork shops / Pork chops

8. Jumbaliya / Jambalaya

7. Dognuts / Doughnuts (or just keep it simple with Donuts)

6. Orange jewce / Orange juice

5. Bowel / bowl

4. Pooping champagne / Popping Champagne

3. Umbeyonce / Ambience

2. Flaming young / Filet mignon

1. Lack toast and tolerant / Lactose intolerant

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