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Fleming's Sam Governale Announces His Departure

After eight years, Sam Governale is leaving his position as operating partner of Fleming's Steakhouse.
After eight years, Sam Governale is leaving his position as operating partner of Fleming's Steakhouse. Photo courtesy of Fleming's Steakhouse
Sam Governale of Fleming’s Steakhouse today announced plans to leave the River Oaks location, in the Upper Kirby District, early in the new year to create his own restaurant group.

“The last eight years with Fleming’s have been filled with amazingly creative and passionate people and too many unforgettable dining experiences and faces to count," said operating partner Governale in a press release. "While the decision to move on was a difficult one to make, the time has come for me to pursue new opportunities and challenges as part of my further growth in the hospitality industry.  I feel so fortunate to have found a one-of-a-kind location near the same vibrant neighborhood that has shown me such great affection. It’s the perfect place for me to introduce a concept that will be very much an extension of my own home and the way I love to enjoy food and entertain guests."

Governale's longtime friend Ashley Putman (formerly a graphic designer for Barney’s New York) is joining his team as the creative director for the project. "Ashley and I share a common vision for the restaurant, developed from our mutual experiences in metropolitan cities where the comfort and grace of neighborhood spots seem so natural, easy and alive," he said.
Working alongside investors who share his vision, Governale has begun work on the former Teala's Mexican Restaurant site, at 3210 West Dallas between Shepherd and Waugh. The "neighborhood-focused restaurant and bar" will include multiple patio areas, a sunroom and a second-floor terrace. The 4,400-square-foot structure is scheduled for completion by spring of 2017.
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Cuc Lam is a freelance food writer for the Houston Press and local pop-up chef. She enjoys teaching cooking classes and hosting dinner parties when she is not writing.