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Foie Gras Bubble Gum and 5 Other Items We Can't Believe Exist

Ever come up with an innovative, couldn't be more perfect, fan-freaking-tastic idea, only to discover someone's already come up with it? Well, this is the complete opposite...

You see, in these cases, we can't seem to wrap our heads around the fact that these items, in real life. It truly hurts to think that while our Sprinklee-Doo (patent pending) Multi-flavored Sprinkle Dispenser has yet to hit the market, someone out there is making bank off of a foie gras-flavored gum. Oh, the agony!

Check out these 6 Food-Related Products We Can't Believe Actually Exist:

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6. Foie Gras Bubble Gum

Foie gras is all the rage these days; the controversial French delicacy is making a splash in the news, being served in top restaurants, and now...made into balls of bubblegum.

Thanks to Archie McPhee, you can now treat your loved one to a high-class dining experience, Willy-Wonka-style. Let's just hope they don't turn into the liver of a fattened goose.

5. White Castle Slider-Scented Candle

True story: In college, my friends and I thought it'd be hi-larious to hide a bunch of empty White Castle Slider boxes all over our friend Al's bedroom (definitely a sober decision). Weeks later, forgetting our stunt, we mocked Al relentlessly about the stench coming from his room. Suffice it to say, we felt terrible when he found about 15 greasy white boxes hidden in the crevices of his belongings.

The Lesson: All of this could have been avoided had we known about the White Castle Candle.

4. Spray-On Pancakes

"Just shake, blast, cook and enjoy!" It sounds so tempting!

The geniuses at Blatter Baster bring us ready-to-cook pancake and waffle a spray can.

Which begs us to question: What is to come of a world where Eggos and Bisquick are just too hard.

3. Kitchen Art Ham Dogger

We don't know about you, but we just can't fathom living in a world where there isn't a product that will shape our hamburger meat into a hot dog shape for us. What would we do without you, Ham Dogger?

2. Smash Mouth's Recipes from the Road

Of course there's a forward from Guy Fieri. We can't even...

Yet, somehow, far worse than a Smash Mouth cookbook, is this:

1. 50 Shades of Earl Grey 50 Shades of Earl Grey tea packs...

We suppose it was only a matter of time. Now we'll just sit back and wait until they start selling the tea encased in Ben Wa balls.

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