Follow Friday for Houston Food Hounds

In the world of Twitter -- the love-it-or-hate-it microblogging service -- Fridays are known as "Follow Friday," a day devoted to suggesting new or interesting users for your friends to follow.

Depending on who you follow, your Twitter stream will be inundated on Friday mornings with gigantic circle-jerks of "She's awesome, she's cute and she churns her own butter! It's @buttermama! #FollowFriday" or the far more straightforward "@pinktaco @julienned @hotpotato @fatfajitas @gulpitdown @janedines #ff." Both examples -- while well-intentioned -- can lean toward the highly obnoxious.

So instead of cluttering your Twitter stream with our own Follow Friday recommendations, we've created a list of all the Houston restaurants, bars, stores, food writers, food personalities and food errata for you to pick and choose from. While similar to the lists created by our friends at the Austin American-Statesman or the food fiends in Washington, D.C., you'll notice one major difference in the Houston list: It's enormous.

Happy following! And if we missed anyone or anything, please let us know in the comments section below.

Reminder: To see their Twitter account (or add them as a friend), add the name below -- NOT including the @ symbol -- to the end of http://twitter.com/. Example: http://twitter.com/she_eats


Some Houston restaurants do an admirable job of communicating with their patrons and fans via Twitter, often announcing Twitter-only deals and specials, while others rarely use the service at all. For better or worse, here are the Houston restaurants that are on Twitter:

@lubys (Luby's, a national chain headquartered in Houston)

@berryhilllove (Berryhill Tamales)

@ziggysgoodfood (Ziggy's Bar & Grill)

@feasthouston (Feast)

@hungryscafe (Hungry's)

@bodegastacoshop (Bodega's Taco Shop)

@brennanshouston (Brennan's)

@tacosagogo (Tacos a Go-Go)

@redlionhouston (The Red Lion)

@textilerest (Textile)

@beavershouston (Beaver's Ice House)

@thetastingroom (The Tasting Room and MAX's Wine Dive)

@todaihouston (Todai)

@kolachefactory (Kolache Factory)

@puggiewug (Blue Planet Cafe)

@peiwei (Pei Wei)

@tastidlitehtown (Tasti D-Lite)

@kraftsmen (Kraftsmen Bakery)

@therainbowlodge (Rainbow Lodge)

@bistroprovence (Bistro Provence)

@pradaria (Pradaria)

@noodlesrule (Jenni's Noodle House)

@calliopespoboy (Calliope's Po Boy)

@pagodabistro (Pagoda Bistro)

@absinthelounge (Absinthe Lounge)

@lostios (Los Tios)

@foodbystan (Stanton's City Bites)

@carrabbas (Carrabba's)

@cullenshouston (Cullen's)

@innatdosbrisas (The Inn at Dos Brisas)

Chefs and Industry Professionals

All manner of industry professionals, from chefs to suppliers, from bartenders to pastry chefs, use Twitter to interact with each other and their fans, as well as to keep up with the latest food trends:

@wholefish (Bryan Caswell, Reef)

@monicapope (Monica Pope, t'afia)

@charbroiledchum (Dax McAnear, Textile)

@psandalio (Plinio Sandalio, Textile and Gravitas)

@ze1chef (Ronnie Killen, Killen's Steakhouse)

@solarfish30 (Michael O'Connor, Houston Country Club)

@chefjasongould (Jason Gould, Gravitas)

@papabeav (Jonathan Jones, Beaver's Ice House)

@greensandbeans (Randy Rucker, Rainbow Lodge)

@fwbutera (Frank Butera, Frank's Chop House)

@havenchef (Randy Evans, Haven)

@zelkobistro (Jamie Zelko, Zelko Bistro)

@johnsheely (John Sheely, Mockingbird)

@arieswood (Scott Tycer, Textile)

@donnettehansen (Donnette Hansen, Rainbow Lodge)

@ryanhildee (Ryan Hildebrand, Bistro Don Camillo, Bistro Provence)

@arnaldorichards (Arnaldo Richards, Pico's & Pico's Bakery)

@albertoalfonso (Alberto Alfonso, Tinto's)

@greenchef1 (Bruce Molzan, Ruggles Grill and Ruggles Green)

@crapitto (Frank Crapitto, Crapitto's)

@sugar_fairy (Rebecca Mason, Central Market)

@pinksnapper (Mark Musatto, Airline Seafood)

@antoniogianola (Antonio Gianola, Catalan)

@que_linda (Linda Salinas, VOICE)

@cwalking (Carl Walker, Brennan's)

@jgossen (Jim Gossen, Louisiana Seafood)

@greenwaybarista (David Buehrer, Coffee Street)

@avicoffeekatz (Avi David Katz, Katz's Coffee)

@bobby_heugel (Bobby Heugel, Anvil)

@jonsomm_tonys (Jonathan Honefenger, Tony's)

@realsmartypants (Andrea Lazar, t'afia and Beaver's)

Bars and Watering Holes

Coffee, wine, beer or bourbon, these area watering holes use Twitter to announce events like special discounts and Twitter-only happy hours:

@barboheme (Boheme)

@coffeegroundz (Coffee Groundz)

@13celsius (13 Celsius)

@taftstcoffee (Taft Street Coffeehouse)

@tehouseoftea (Te House of Tea)

@brickhousegirls (Brick House Tavern)

@block7wineco (Block 7 Wine Company)

@mezzaninelounge (Mezzanine Lounge)

@sovino (So Vino)

@flyingsaucerhou (Flying Saucer)

@littlewoodrow (Little Woodrow's)

Grocery Stores and Prepared Foods/Drinks

These local stores and food vendors have a strong Twitter presence, which they use to promote upcoming events and deals:

@wholefoodshou (Whole Foods)

@cmfoodie (Central Market)

@hubbell_hudson (Hubbell & Hudson)

@myfitfoods (My Fit Foods)

@hebonline (H-E-B)

@trentinogelato (Trentino Gelato)

@messina_hof (Messina Hof winery)

@saintarnold (Saint Arnold brewery)

Food Writers and Personalities

From the city's best food critics and most prominent food personalities to the average Joe blogger, Houston's food writers are all on Twitter:

@robbwalsh (Robb Walsh)

@alisoncook (Alison Cook)

@she_eats (Katharine Shilcutt)

@houston_foodie (J.C. Reid)

@jaypfrancis (Jay Francis)

@imneverfull (Jenny Wang)

@tastybitz (Misha Govshteyn)

@jodycakes (Jody Flood)

@cleverleys (Cleverley Stone)

@mytablemagazine (Teresa Byrne-Dodge)

@cliveberkman (Clive Berkman)

@bitemehouston (Bite Me Houston)

@treelight (Dirty Kitchen Adventures)

@foodprincess (Food Princess Reports)

@anonymouseater (Food In Houston)

@ruthiejsf (Great Food Houston)

@theoshu (Feed the Heights!)

@drricky (Dude, You Going To Eat That?)

@htownchowdown (H-Town Chow Down)


@houstonch (Houston Chowhounds)

@r4shouston (Recipe for Success)

@HouRestaurantWk (Houston Restaurant Week)

@lbsjukebox (the jukebox at Little Big's)

@eatingourwords (that's us!)
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