Food Critic/Blogger Opening at the Houston Press

Our longtime food critic Katharine Shilcutt is leaving us in a few weeks so ....

The Houston Press has an immediate opening for a fulltime food critic and blogger. We are looking for a critic who can build on the success of our award-winning food coverage. The ideal candidate must:

* Possess the writing/reporting skills to produce stylish, provocative weekly restaurant reviews in print.

* Have strong opinions that the reviewer is prepared to broadcast and defend.

* Enjoy blogging and tweeting about food and restaurants, and understand the potential of those platforms.

* Have a sophisticated knowledge of food and restaurants, either self-taught or through professional kitchen experience/education.

E-mail your cover letter, résumé, and clips and sample reviews to: HP-food-critic@voicemediagroup.com. That means you select the top 2-3 articles you have written and send in the links. If you want to include any website information as well, that's fine.

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