Food Fight: Chicken Sandwich

My last attempt at a Food Fight sparked racial tension. There was also a plea to transform these "fights" into "battles." I guess there's just something about fried finger foods that brings out the worst in people. What comments will the boring, old grilled chicken sandwich get? I guess we shall find out. Thanks to Fatty FatBastard for picking Southwell's Hamburger Grill (1909 Taylor). I went with Miller's Café. Let's get to fighting.

Southwell's Hamburger Grill This grilled chicken sandwich was neither bad, nor memorable. It had all the elements you look for: the lettuce, tomatoes, mayonnaise, and chicken. The veggies, along with the bun, were fresh. The chicken was hammered down to a thin width, simply flavored with salt and pepper, and served as tenders (three), instead of a full filet. The tenders made the sandwich a bit unique, but they neither added nor subtracted anything from the experience. All these aspects are important, but chicken moistness is always the make-or-break feature. Mission accomplished, it wasn't at all dry. Southwell's put together a solid grilled chicken sandwich that made for a healthy lunch.

Miller's Café Miller's version was a whole filet, rather than the tenders, and was sitting in a tub of marinade right up until being thrown onto the grill. The flavor was good but, surprisingly, the chicken was a tad dry. Again, all the fixings were fresh (lettuce and tomatoes). The bun is one of the best aspects of any Miller's burger. They use poppy seed buns. I like poppy seed buns. In fact, more places should use poppy seed buns. It just adds a little something extra to the experience.

The Winner Both sandwiches had a nice showing in this fight. Neither of them blew me away, but how often will a grilled chicken sandwich blow you away? Most people eat them for good nutritional reasons anyway. Okay, enough rambling, Miller's Café is the winner. It was just a more flavorful, more interesting complete package. Plus, if you're flying solo, sitting at the bar and watching burgers being flipped on the grill is a highly entertaining added bonus. Again, rave reviews on the Miller's buns. Those might have been the deciding factor.

Next up To hell with this healthy dining, let's get back to fried finger foods. We'll do a Food Fight: Fried Mushrooms. I'm heading to BRC for mine. Who should be the competition? Please let me know in the comments box and I'll choose one.

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