Food Fight

Food Fight: Pork (A Special Menu of Menus Edition)

You'd think doing a Food Fight with so many places under one roof would be easy. It's not. But such is life at the annual and extremely popular Houston Press Menu of Menus event, held Tuesday night at the Spring Street Studios. I got there early, beat the heavy crowds, and did a quick once-over of the place. I was in search of a good battle. What I found was pork, and lots of it.

Lucky's Pub

Lucky's churned out a very respectable showing with their sweet barbeque pulled pork on top of a crostini. My pickle-topped bite reminded me of really good ballpark food. The tanginess of the pickle and the sweetness of the pork were pleasing, yet unspectacular. With stomach space at a premium, I decided to move on.

The Rolling Hunger (Food Truck)

Never heard of The Rolling Hunger? That's okay. This food truck has only been open for a little over a week. Hell, even after visiting with one of the workers, I still don't know too much about this truck. Thanks to the loud outdoor music, I had a difficult time hearing the gentleman. But I got enough info. This is fusion eating, highlighting Korean, Mexican and Vietnamese influences. I sampled the Korean pork mini tostadas. The meat was super-tender, sweet and topped with a guacamole sauce, tomatoes and red onions.

Harry's Restaurant & Café

Yet another pulled pork representative. I'll give Harry's credit for one thing--that pork was very moist. But it lacked some flavor, and the accompanying mashed sweet potatoes were an odd choice. That pork needed a buddy, it just wasn't the potatoes.


Bravo, Rudyard's. It was a smart move serving the pulled pork in a mini, soft corn tortilla -- the perfect vehicle to get that tender pork from the plate to my mouth. Top it off with a little jalapeno salsa, and you've got a darn good appetizer.


  • Gold Medal: The Rolling Hunger-This was not only the best pork dish, but the best thing at Menu of Menus. Find this place. Now.
  • Silver Medal: Rudyard's-Just well composed and extremely tasty.
  • Bronze Medal: Lucky's Pub-Good, but not enough to hang with the big boys.
  • Participation Award: Harry's Restaurant & Café-That delicious pork still needed a kick.

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